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Fans are in disarray, but the agency insists that things will be fine. It has been reported that members Tiffany Hwang, Choi Sooyoung, and the youngest member Seohyun will be leaving the agency and most likely, the group. After a long and thorough discussion with the company, the three decided not to renew their contracts. SM Entertainment releases official statement The girl group recently celebrated their 10th year anniversary since debut so the news of three of the most dedicated members leaving was indeed quite a shock especially to the fans who have been supporting them since day one. SM Entertainment did not confirm reports pertaining to the three members leaving the group, but they have released an official statement to appease the fans. SM Entertainment has not confirmed that Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyung are indeed the three members leaving the agency, but they have assured fans that the girl group is precious and meaningful to them. According to Soompi, a source from the Korean news outlet Yonhap News revealed that three members have indeed decided to end their contracts with SM Entertainment. The members are reportedly currently discussing the future of the girl group. However, despite three members leaving the group, it seems like the agency is leaning on keeping the group intact and having the remaining five members signed to the agency to promote as a group.

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Later, SM Ent. confirmed the issue, stating that she is no longer a member of Girls" Generation/SNSD due to the conflicts with the group and Jessica"s schedule. Meanwhile, the said group would be continuing their career as 8 members, while Jessica"s solo activities would still be handled by SM.

Kathryn Bernardo comments on holding hands with Daniel Padilla while sleeping. The actress said the photo was taken in Singapore, during a lull in shooting for the second chapter of their hit TV series. Kathryn rebuffed allegations that the photo confirms she and Daniel are already a couple. Daniel and Kathryn remained to be the hottest teen stars of today with their show being one of the most-watched programs nationwide. The Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo photo showed the two teen stars holding hands while sleeping, was taken after a taping for their top-rating Kapamilya series.

The photo became popular online as it already garnered more than 5K Likes on Instagram. Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla are considered the hottest teen love-team in the country today. The young actress is set to celebrate her star-studded 18th birthday lat March 29 and of course Daniel is her escort on the special day. Young star Kathryn Bernardo, a member of Iglesia ni Cristo, said she would date only a guy who shares her religious beliefs.

The actress earlier admitted that she cared for Daniel, but would not commit to him. Kathryn said she once invited Daniel to attend an INC service but that it never happened again because the actor had his own Sunday activities. My dad, a Catholic, converted to be with my mom. Bernardo was so grateful to her supporters who made the event possible which was reportedly two years in the making, according to ABS-CBN News.

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No security guards or staff members were present to stop the man, however, the show"s host and SNSD"s Sunny promptly came to the rescue and blocked the man from running away. It was later revealed that the man was just a regular college student from the crowd - bringing light to the show"s weak safety measures. This one is quite short.

Apparently she was spotted at a gay bar as well which also sparked the interest.

This is SM Entertainment. We’re here to explain about Jessica’s Weibo posted today. Due to her personal business, Jessica has notified us that she will halt the team (SNSD) promotions with the release of 1 more album this spring.

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What in the world is going on? How did they get back together? I wonder if they planned this because this is getting weird. I bet Dispatch and Sports Seoul was in this together, or trying to up each other because again this is weird.

SNSD and SONEs are both in the K-pop industry for more than 10 years already. They"re one of the groups and fandoms that helped shape the K-pop, and they .

Debut and 1st Studio Album: Girls" Generation Girls" Generation were initially known as"Super Girls", a fan made name, before their debut. Touted as the female Super Junior by SM Entertainment , the group was announced to include members with diverse talents able to speak in different languages such as English, Chinese, and Japanese fluently for future expansion in different markets. Initially 11 members were in the group.

However, 2 members withdrew; one of them being So Yeon who is now in T-ara and the other is Chanmi who is now in Coed School. The members were unveiled individually from July 7, to the 14th. They unofficially debuted at M. On July 27, a documentary aired on"M. The debut performance was on M! Countdown, the same day as the album"s release date, and the music video for"So Nyeo Si Dae Girls" Generation" was released on November 2, The song won 1 on M!

Countdown and on Inkigayo twice.

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Jadi si Baekhyun suka ngaku-ngaku kalo dia kembarannya Luhan trus dia suka niru-niruin gayanya Luhan jadinya si magnae ngambek trus nangis deh. Hitam dan Putih dia suka film action angka favorit: Saat itu ia juga masih kelas 6sd. Alhasil, dia lari dan ngumpet selama 30menit karena takut sama orang itu. Oemanya bilang dia ngga boleh bicara sama orang asing Kepribadiannya pemalu tapi setelah mengenalnya dia adalah orang yang ceria dan tidak bisa diam Saat EXO K mendegar kabar bahwa EXO M hampir kecelakaan saat menuju tempat Recording Happy Camp karena ulah fans fanatic.

SNSD’s music video for “Oh!” has been chosen as the most watched video of for YouTube Korea. The “Top 10 Most Watched Videos of ″ list was revealed through the channel “ YouTube Rewind “, which featured charts from every country.

The original rule was that anyone who has released a single may participate, but there are some trainees and actors in the mix. After the audition, contestants will carry out missions in units of nine. By the end of the show, there will be two temporary groups: Mentors Clockwise From Top Left: Rain is an extremely famous singer and actor who became popular in the mid s.

He was inspired to join this show because he was part of a failed K-pop group when he was a teenager. San E is one of the most successful rappers in the Korean music industry and is the rap mentor for The Unit. He also does some MC duties, like announcing each contestant as they come in. Jo Hyun Ah is a member and vocalist of popular singer-songwriter group Urban Zakapa.

Kpop Rumors and Gossips Exposed!: SNSD Hyoyeon is Dating?

What dramas did Tiffany, Soo-young, and Seo-hyun acted in and where will they go next? They decided to part ways and pursue their acting career at different agencies. Tiffany will be studying in the US while Soo-young and Seo-hyun will be focusing on acting. Tiffany jumps into in acting Many agree that Tiffany is one of the best vocalists in the K-pop industry. She had to add acting to that too. She decided to learn acting, a new skill and her passion to become a multi-talented superstar.

Girl group T-ara’s Soyeon revealed that she had been frustrated due to her inability to clear up the falsely reported dating rumors with Supreme Team’s E-sens. In a recent interview with Star News, Soyeon stated, “The reports that came up then are very different from the truth.

Her parents names are Moon So-hee and Choi Jungnam. Sooyoung and Yuri were also created ambassadors for their university in May The band released three singles: The group was later disbanded in Sooyoung came back to Korea and had more training, before she became a member of Girls" Generation in , given the roles of a supporting vocalist, lead rapper and a lead dancer in the group.

She has gained recognition as an actress and was considered the best actress in Girls Generation by Oh Ji Ho for her role in The 3rd Hospital. Shortly after, she removed"Girls Generation" from her Instagram page, leaving fans to speculate that she has no plans of continuing as a member of Girls Generation. Though, whether or not she will continue as a group member has not been officially confirmed.

The two became accustomed to seeing each other regularly as they attend the same Church. Her Greek zodiac sign is Aquarius Her blood-type is O. Her height is cm and weight is 48kg. She comes from a wealthy family.

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The group debuted with nine members: Girls" Generation officially debuted on August 5, with their debut single" Into the New World". In this backlash finally climaxed in the what is widely considered the biggest bullying event in kpop; a black-out protest at one of K-pop"s biggest annual events," Dream Concert". During their performance, no one in the audience made noise and turned off their lightsticks meaning the stadium was mostly silent and dark which earned it the name"Black Ocean".

The song immediately became a hit among the public and set a record for being number one on KBS"s music show Music Bank for nine consecutive weeks and later became known as the"Song of the Decade". Shortly afterwards the group released Genie which solidified their position as the number one girl group in South Korea.

Oct 30,  · [UPDATE!] IT"S OFFICIAL! SM confirmed that SNSD"s Taeyeon and EXO"s Baekhyun are currently dating. Congrats to the couple and please support them both.

She has been working for her paper for three years, and is in charge of covering romance scandals. She is actually a very clumsy woman, constantly making mistakes and embarrassing herself. She once dreamed of becoming a novelist like Jane Austen ; however, in a society where one cannot make money out of"arts and culture," becoming an author is a distant dream for her.

In the end, she ends up using her writing and editing skills, as well as her photographer"s eye to become a reporter for Scandal News. Because of her Alzheimer"s -afflicted father"s extended stay in a nursing home, she has to work tirelessly to support him. For the sake of achieving"the next big scoop ," she follows Kwon Yul day and night in an attempt to score an exclusive. Yul is a widower who lost his wife in a car accident seven years ago and is now raising his three children alone.

He has a reputation of being an honest man with high integrity, but at home, Yul has a troubled relationship with his children, and has a tactless mouth that phrases nice things into horrible words. He is a world-renowned leader, yet at the same time, he cannot even cook a bowl of noodles. He speaks at least four other languages other than his native tongue of Korean - those languages include Chinese, Japanese, English, and Spanish.

Ever since the first time he had met Nam Da-jung, he found her unique and interesting. However, when she started pestering Kwon Yul to marry her, In-ho began to perceive Da-jung as just another woman who wants to get close to the Prime Minister, and despised her greatly. Later on, when he got to know the reason behind Da-jung"s actions, he regrets misunderstanding her.

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The photograph was taken during a live concert and it shows DO holding Irene"s wrist as he tries to help her get off the stage. The picture captured the attention of their fans after it emerged on social media. While the singers and their representatives remain tight-lipped about the recent buzz, Korean media outlet iWorld Today claims the two have already confirmed their relationship. However, many of their followers refused to believe the report and slammed the media outlet by sharing their disagreement on various social networking sites.

Here are some of the reactions via Koreaboo: That"s just him holding her from falling because the train suddenly moved.

Jan 01,  · Ready for ’s first breaking news? On the 1st of January, it has been revealed that SNSD’s YoonA and Lee Seung Gi have been dating for quite a while now. Dispatch released their report announcing that they have captured Seung Gi and YoonA enjoying several dates.

She was working as a make up artist and a wardrobe assistant for 6 years until last July and shared some insight view of the industry we were talking until 4 in the morning. At first I was reluctant to make this thread because I know some of you may react badly. But I really, really, really want to share the stories here. Most of the stories are old stories that already here mostly in My Korean Celeb Secrets thread.

That immortal thread because I want to hear her view about it. So here they are: I envy her I just think an inside perspective will be interesting to shared. She said some SM staff told her that Onew is really considering to quit from the business. SM is also not a help neither. They are so focusing on EXO now because they invested a silly huge amount of money on them already.

So I guess most of the postings that state Onew is kinda depressed is not that wrong at all. Well… she is sure Key is pure gay. Minho is as competitive as his image in TV. Minho really tries his best to be such a perfection.

Former SNSD Trainee Reveals the Distorted Reality of Beauty in K-Pop

EXO"s song"First Snow" re-enters the charts on the day of first snow in Seoul"Dispatch" says that the two have been dating for 4 months now in the utmost secrecy. It"s said the reporters from the media outlet first spotted them while EXO was practicing for their first concert. Taeyeon provided moral support for the exhausted Baekhyun, who had to spend nights practicing due to the group"s redoing of their choreography and recording with Kris"s lawsuit.

Taeyeon headed towards Baekhyun"s dorm and picked him up at a discreet location and enjoyed a date in the car. Baekhyun would also meet Taeyeon near her dorm as well.

Shin Sekyung and Kim Jonghyun are confirmed to be dating A new couple has emerged onto the industry with actress Shin Se Kyung (21) and SHINee’s member Jonghyun (21), revealing that they are currently dating.

Red carpet round up, from Paloma Faith to Kim.. Yeonmi called for the world to do something and help the people of.. And how it would be"fantastic" to find a new girlfriend The Prince lambasted the rise. KY - MAY Date of Birth Name: Just because L is supposedly dating someone, you want her dead. This wouldn"t refund anticipation loan, muslim marriage. The world of K-pop is currently ablaze with dating rumors and scandals.

What so wrong about dating kpop idols? Jazz here is goodmost of the alcohol beverages available here What more could you ask for in a Date Night hot spot? She was called as a chocolate girl.

Idols Who Are Confirmed To Be Dating !

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