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Le Creuset Handle: Pots & Pans

How to Tell If a Le Creuset Is Fake By Rebecca Chandos Whether you"re buying used cookware on eBay or wondering if the garage sale find you just made is genuine, it is important to differentiate real Le Creuset cookware from cheap imitations. Because Le Creuset is well-known for quality, many manufacturers of fakes have sprung up. These manufacturers often sell on eBay or through discount retailers. Imitation pans are not backed by any warranty and are often faulty. If the cast iron is not enameled properly, the pan can split in two under high heat, potentially exposing the unwitting chef to burns and other injuries. Look at the enameling on the inside of the pan. If the pan is advertised as new but the enameling is uneven or missing in spots, it is likely a cheap imitation.

Dating Le Creuset : castiron

Le Creuset pots - mine are still terrific after 25 years. My Granny asked what I"d like for Christmas when I was in college, and I told her that I"d like a Le Creuset set that was on sale in one of her many catalogs Read complete review My Granny asked what I"d like for Christmas when I was in college, and I told her that I"d like a Le Creuset set that was on sale in one of her many catalogs. That was probably the most sensible thing I did at that age, but we won"t talk about some of my other choices.

Newer Le Creuset pans have only a coat of primer in this area. On fake Le Creuset pans, the underlying cast iron will show through. Look at the bottom of the pan. All Le Creuset pans have the following four marks: The name Le Creuset; A size mark that should be a double-digit number.

But with so many High street shops producing their own"tribute" ranges, is it really worth paying for the originals? Neither of these performed to my standards. The base of the casserole dish was uneven so"hot spots" of oil collected in pools at high temperatures, making food cook unevenly. And while the large griddle pan with widely spaced grill"marks" should be ideal for meats, imperfections in the cast meant that meat got caught in the furrows and spoiled. Not up to standard: The casserole is a lovely shape and colour, but very heavy.

The best pots are made from lighter, thinner iron for perfectly even heat distribution. The side handles on the casserole dish are very narrow and difficult to grip, and the stainless steel knob gets really hot. The quality of the enamelling is OK, but, design wise, the casserole is not that much different to some of the cheaper options and the griddle pan is a case of style over substance.

The ingredients for my bean cassoulet browned quickly and evenly in the dish, and it retained the heat really well. It"s also perfect for stewing meat. And the griddle is brilliant. The vegetables cooked without drying out and kept all their flavour, plus there was the addition of that lovely griddled smoky taste. They"re both made very well, just like the Le Creuset pots, and cook fantastically.

How to Restore Rusty and Damaged Cast Iron Skillets and Cookware

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Read the Trying to ID a vintage Le Creuset discussion from the Chowhound Cookware food community. Join the discussion today.

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Savings on Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast

Click here to see our 1 pick Induction cooking is a faster, more efficient form of heating food than electric. It can be as precise as gas cooking, but is more energy-efficient and includes safety features such as automatic shutoff when the pan or other cookware is removed. Induction pans are specifically-designed to be compatible with induction stovetops. However, many of them can be used with electric, gas, and wood stoves as well.

In order to qualify as an induction pan, the cookware must be made of stainless steel or other ferrous metal and have a flat bottom.

Dating Le Creuset can be difficult because they"ve remained fairly constant over the years; the flame color and certain designs are still in use today, and they have a .

Product line expands to fondue sets, grill pans, Raymond Loewy-designed Coquelle French oven s Looped lid handles replaced by stainless steel or phenolic knobs Some pieces feature ribbed bases s Italian designer Enzo Mari"Mama" series cocotte with new handle shape U. While there is no universally confirmed definition of the term"vintage" when used to describe an item for sale, vintage implies that an item is currently out of production or otherwise obsolete. When it comes to fashion or decoration, the term tends to imply that the style of a given item has fallen from popularity but has renewed interest.

As the general popularity of cast iron cookware has remained consistent and no particular piece is obsolete, shoppers seeking vintage pieces should concentrate on the style and especially date of production. How to Read the Numbers or Letters on the Bottom A two-digit number on the bottom of a Le Creuset piece signifies its diameter measured in centimeters. The measurement is the lengthwise diameter for oblong-shaped or other non-circular pieces. These are inner diameter measurements, not including handles, and they can determine the volume of the piece as well.

Some round oven pieces have letter imprinted instead of a number. In this case,"A" is the smallest piece, and it measures 16 cm; these diameters go up by 2 cm for each letter up to"H" 30 cm. How to Buy Vintage Le Creuset Cookware on eBay Enter either"vintage" or"used Le Creuset" into the search window on the eBay home page, and then be sure to scrutinize the item descriptions and photos. When sales include only one or two photos or very short descriptions, make sure the seller offers some return policy and has an excellent feedback score, or else it might be better to move on.

If you intend to use the vintage cookware, you might not need it to be in the best aesthetic condition. This type of equipment hardly degrades in performance. Collectors, however, should consider blemishes as well as authenticity before making a purchase.

@ Le Creuset Signature 9 Quart Round Enamel Cast Iron French/Dutch Oven

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more Hold your horses, Olly: Tech fails that ruined people"s lives There"s always huge demand for Le Creuset cookware and especially in the run-up to the winter holidays. The trouble is — and there"s no getting away from this — Le Creuset cookware isn"t the cheapest.

Feb 21,  · Le Creuset pans through the years: the lids I have not been able to find any good references online for dating vintage Le Creuset cookware. So I decided it would not hurt to post my own photos as : K.

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A Gastronomical affair with Chef Ranveer Brar hosted by Le Creuset

Site Info History The following article was not written for this site. The original was here: She praised it highly for its quality and durability. Descoware originally was known as Bruxelles Ware at its inception.

Le Creuset size charts by letter are outlined below. What is the Letter on Le Creuset? The letter embedded on the cookware is there to match the correct lid .

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The regular Le Creuset warranty applies. In addition to a full line* of"first quality" and"second choice" items, also sold in the factory stores are classic pieces from their Heritage Collection, whose designs date back to the earliest days of Le Creuset.

You will notice that the serving sizes on this chart slightly differ from my size chart above. The serving size relates directly to what meal you are preparing. The serve sizes below would be based on a small serving out of the Dutch oven with added accompaniments such as vegetables, pasta or rice. From my experience, my serving sizes are based on a generous serve for each person straight from the Dutch oven, with no other accompaniments required.

More in keeping with one pot meals and slow cooked dishes. To finish off here are a couple of tips that will assist you when purchasing the best size Le Creuset Dutch Oven to suit your needs. Dutch Oven Capacity The number of mouths you will be feeding is first and foremost the number one factor when choosing your new Dutch oven. So the Dutch oven size for a family of 4 people you would need a 4-quart Dutch oven.


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