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Others were donations from various sources in or purchased online from different sellers. The following mantel models were received in early October by donation from the late Bryan Hollebone"s collection: Most recently the museum added, again from the Jim Connell collection, four more mantel clocks that were purchased at the Miller brothers" October 7, live auction in New Hamburg, Ontario: At May we are still looking for good examples of the following known models for our collection: To date mid , the only product known is spring-driven pendulum mantel clocks. Others have Made-in-Canada wood cases with imported movements. Three new examples were added to our collection of Fleet mantel clocks by donation with thanks in August One has the typical period"humpback" wood case. But two of the case designs are quite unusual.

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Grandfather clock makers Learn about the previous, current and the top grandfather clock makers Do you have a grandfather clock and you want to learn about its manufacturer? Or you want to know other famous and quality grandfather clock makers? Know them here as we provide the names and brief description of distinguished grandfather clock makers. Popular antique grandfather clock makers The rarity and the charm of antique timepieces such as the grandfather clock is something that attracts people to acquire them.

You can do an ebay search for a similar Bulova watch at auction and compare prices, you can also do a google search on your watches value. I myself find that vintage watches, if working get a collector vlaue of nearly what the watch originally sold for.

Clock-watch[ edit ] The earliest dated watch known once belonged to Philip Melanchthon and is now in the Walters Art Museum , Baltimore The first timepieces to be worn, made in the 16th century beginning in the German cities of Nuremberg and Augsburg , were transitional in size between clocks and watches. Nuremberg clockmaker Peter Henlein or Henle or Hele is often credited as the inventor of the watch. He shapes many-wheeled clocks out of small bits of iron, which run and chime the hours without weights for forty hours, whether carried at the breast or in a handbag However, other German clockmakers were creating miniature timepieces during this period, and there is no evidence Henlein was the first.

They were heavy drum-shaped cylindrical brass boxes several inches in diameter, engraved and ornamented. They had only an hour hand. The face was not covered with glass, but usually had a hinged brass cover, often decoratively pierced with grillwork so the time could be read without opening. The movement was made of iron or steel and held together with tapered pins and wedges, until screws began to be used after

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We buy and sell better quality watches from all prominant brands. Zero evidence of any use. Ultra stealthy and built to withstand anything you could possibly expose it to and live to tell the tale.

Bulova Movements. To my knowledge, this is the most comphrensive list of Bulova watch movement available anywhere on the Web. This information has been gathered from a number of sources, including my own collection and the watches of fellow collectors.

Although not a watchmaker, the sporting goods retailer produced and sold high-quality gear for outdoor pursuits, such as hunting and fishing. Imier Switzerland in by Georges Agassiz, who had worked for Longines, but left during its first decade one filled with financial troubles. Within a few years, the company was winning awards and making complete high quality watches. Its trademark was a fish in an oval. Alpina [AL-PEE-NA] Founded in by a group of watch and clock makers to collectively align their interests in the purchase and distribution of parts.

They soon began to produce high quality movements for export abroad. Within a few decades, Alpina watches were being sold at thousands of retailers worldwide. By the end of the century, they were represented by Wittnauer in New York. They became known for high-grade repeaters, clocks, and chronographs. The name has since passed through several hands and has been recently revived by a new company.

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Another British Military watch on the blog this time, and something of an enigma. The watch is very similar in style and size to the W10 made by Hamilton from and subsequently by CWC from and it shares all of the attributes required to adhere to the strict standards for military use. The case is opened by removing the crystal and splitting the two-piece stem, and inside is a 17 jewel, manually wound calibre made by A. It has a higher beat rate, 28, bph as opposed to 21, bph, and also has a micro-adjustment mechanism mounted on the balance cock for more accurate regulation.

Here is a picture of a cal. In the picture above, the stem is pushed all the way in — in the winding position — and so the stem presses on hacking lever, it pivots around the fixed axis just above the castle wheel and the lower arm of the lever releases the balance allowing it to rotate freely.

Jan 25,  · Steps. Method 1. Checking the Date Code. 1. Understand when and how to use appearance for dating. Since Bulova watches are marked with date codes, you won"t usually need to rely on the watch appearance for dating purposes. There are some circumstances that make this a beneficial practice to know, however%(36).

Taylerson,"Horological Journal" Sept. Taylerson searches voluminous Military archives to list timepieces issued to The British Armed Forces. This article describes only mechanical instruments. It is based upon a study of various original lists and Vocabularies of Equipment. They can only be accepted as a general guide to the dating of any watches referred to in them since, clearly, many were in issue before their formal adoption or approval was recorded.

I have not yet found the various specifications to govern manufacture and inspection for the watches mentioned. Some are in American and Canadian records not directly available to me, but the information would not be appropriate in this article.

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But as a very brief introduction, the Accutron is like no other battery driven watch, or mechanical for that matter: The index mechanism also means the Accutrons are characterised by a constant sweeping seconds hand. Some good links to other web sites are: The Amazing Bulova Accutron When the first Accutron went on sale in , Hamilton must have seen the writing on the wall for their own electrics which had only come out 3 years earlier.

So confident were Bulova about the accuracy, the hands on the Cal. And they were correct; fifty years later, s are still running strong and accurate, with only a yearly battery change and an occasional service!

New Listing Bulova Accutron movement for parts service repair. Pre-Owned. $ or Best Offer. Vintage Bulova Accutron N3 Quartz Gold Plated Watch Case Movement and Dial See more like this. Accutron Watch Movements. Bulova Accutron York Accutron Wristwatches. Bulova Accutron II Accutron Wristwatches.

IAXA The smaller watch brands: IAXA 4 votes, average: It was made well with a genuine Swiss movement by Peseux. Also reads Swiss Made on the dial and on the inside of the case back. And what a dial it is; made of blue stone! Seems like a brand worth diving into! From a quick internet search I learned it was a world famous brand…..

Still I was able to find a nice watch pin for marketing purpose:

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This explanation can turn into a science project with all of the exceptions but I will keep it simple. Generally speaking, until the mid"s the American watch manufacturing companies did not case their watches at the factory and they certainly did not case them in factory marked cases. I will deal with a couple of early exceptions later. The model, for most American companies was used to designate a basic movement design.

The following tables will help you date your vintage Bulova watch. Watches dated post have a 2 alpha-numeric date code on the outside backcase, whilst watches dated before usually contain a date code symbol on the inside movement (see below for examples).

Begun as a wholesale jeweler, the company produced small table clocks and good-quality pocket watches, By , driven by the increased demand for wristwatches, Bulova built a factory in Bienne, Switzerland that was capable of mass-producing fully-jeweled wristwatch movements in large numbers. For the most part, these movements were cased and timed in the USA before shipment to retailers.

Under Joseph Bulova"s guidance, Bulova became a world-leader in the mass production of reliable, good-quality wristwatches. Bulova sold relatively few pocket watches compared to their huge production of wristwatches , though they did produce a few basic pocket watch models in the 30"s, 40"s and 50"s. The ultra-thin"Phantom" model, produced in the"s, was a finely-made, platinum-cased pocket watch that is prized by collectors today.

A Company of"Firsts" Bulova was an innovative company, and can be credited with many industry"firsts. They were the first watch company to market watches specifically to women, and the first company to open a school for disabled veterans that provided them with care, employment opportunities, and a marketable skill after the war more below. Arde Bulova"wished to repay, in some small measure, the sacrifice and service of returning disabled veterans after the Second World War.

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Like its American-Swiss competitor Gruen, Bulova maintained a factory in Switzerland, established in and dedicated to the production of watch components and their assembly into jeweled movements. Known for its assertive marketing campaigns, Bulova was the first to advertise on radio, announcing: It is the American-made Spencer model, known for its fancy bolt lugs and exploding number dial. Triple-signed for Bulova, it measures My Bulova-trained watchmaker David has fully serviced its original 17 jewel, 8AE caliber mechanism to ensure optimal timekeeping.

Features include a sixty-minute outer track border, white and black silhouetted exploding numbers, original blue steel hands and a barrel-shape sub-seconds dial shaped like the case with detailed sixty-second outer chapter and sweep original blue steel hand.

Though some Bulova watches have serial numbers on the movements, we do not know of a way to date a Bulova watch using the serial number. Table of Bulova Date Symbols: - Marks indicating age of Bulova movements.

Click here to shop for Caravelle watches at Amazon. Cases are stainless steel and ceramic. Watch faces are protected by mineral crystal, which is good, though not as scratch resistant as sapphire crystal. Water resistance is typically 30 meters, which is more than adequate for what are essentially fashion watches, rather than sports models. Bands are either stainless steel or leather. For their target price point, Caravelle watches are well made and should last for a long time with proper care.

Caravelle Watches Movements While the parent Bulova has traditionally used Swiss-made mechanical movements, the Caravelle watches line uses movements from a variety of sources, mostly Japan and China. The majority of the Caravelle watches have highly accurate quartz electronic movements, though there are a few that have automatic mechanical movements, as well.

Caravelle watches are made with proven and established technology, and the company puts their focus on design. They make a number of chronograph models and a couple of interesting models with skeleton faces that allow you to see the parts of the movement.

Bulova Accutron II Alpha Watch With Precisionist Movement Hands-On: The New Spaceview

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